The Meteoric Rise of Melaka

The historical city of Melaka has always been famous for what it is; a city rich in history and culture that makes for one of the most visited tourist locations in the country.

As the years go by, more and more tourists, be them from foreign states or foreign nations, flock Malaysia’s second smallest state to soak up the rich local culture and tradition as well as catch glimpses of what the local historical sites have to offer especially after Melaka was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Melaka was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008

Overall, it is quite established that Melaka is a wonderful place to visit; a state that thrives on tourism as its main economical contributor and many tourists even go to the extent of expressing their desire to live in Melaka. So, is Melaka really a nice place to live in?

In terms of actually finding a place to live in Melaka, the good news is that property prices are relatively low compared to living in the Klang Valley. There are plenty of housing areas out of town such as Batu Berendam, Bukit Beruang, Cheng and so forth and although areas like these adhere to the rule “the further from town, the cheaper”, it is delightful to know that while you do get to enjoy lower house prices, the word ‘further’ in the geographically tiny Melaka simply implies that it is probably half an hour’s drive away.

Hence, those considering settling in Melaka can actually buy double-storey terraces in peaceful neighbourhoods that start from under RM200,000 without being too far from the happening city life after all.
The downside of living in Melaka as opposed to the general choice of working and living in the Klang Valley is that Melaka’s happening city life is not exactly happening at all if compared to the hustle and bustle of KLCC or the glitz and glamour of Bukit Bintang.

Melaka City, courtesy of WongCW @ Flickr

There are however signs of improvement as Melaka City is leaning towards being a more upscale City capable of giving Kuala Lumpur a run for its money. This is evident in the town center itself as local residents have recently been blessed with a new hip location for shopping and recreation in the form of Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall as well as the connecting Hatten Square which boasts shops carrying big names as well as a vast array of luxury suites catering to the wealthy tourists and the successful businessmen.

Basically, despite Melaka’s reputation as a historically well-endowed city, a glimpse of the city center instills the impression of a modern, bustling city that never sleeps.

Melaka is constantly growing and one of its most notable future projects is Hatten City by the same developers of the aforementioned Hatten Square. Set to take place in Melaka Raya’s prime seafront location, it is bound to become the benchmark of high end living in Melaka whereby it will consist of various types of condominiums of which prices start from RM550 per square feet.

With Melaka Raya already being one of the city’s most happening spots especially in terms of nightlife, Hatten City will add a considerable flair to its already vibrant surroundings.

All in all, Melaka may be famous for its A’Famosa, Stadhuys and Jonker Street but in truth, it is a city with an alter ego; it may be a sleepy town but it can also be one where residents can embrace a truly modern and luxurious lifestyle but all of this comes at a cost and the only deterrent is the fact that the job opportunities which could allow you to afford this lifestyle are not as widely available in Melaka as compared to the Klang Valley from which we wanted to move away from in the first place.

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