Semenyih, a Viable Property Investment?

Semenyih is a relatively small and sleepy town located in the southern tip of Selangor. It is part of the greater Klang Valley and the nearest notable town to Semenyih is Kajang; 8 kilometers further up north.

Although Semenyih is a relatively under-developed township if compared to the hustle and bustle among a skyscraper laden skyline in Kuala Lumpur and its neighbouring areas, Semenyih still adds diversity to the Klang Valley with the few attractions it has, one of which being a place to reside.

Due to its location or rather distance from the city center, property prices in Semenyih are comparatively cheap. However, being far from Kuala Lumpur does not mean that it is disconnected. The Kajang SILK highway provides a route to other parts of the Klang Valley. Southbound, the Kajang-Seremban highway allows residents to easily travel to Negri Sembilan towns such as Nilai and Seremban.

Of course, working in KL will still be a hassle due to the journey’s length itself but the availability of these highways make it doable at the very least. After all, you will be saving on accommodation costs whereby sub RM200,000 houses are a common availability in the area. RM250,000 is a realistic price of a bungalow in Semenyih. Such prices definitely make Semenyih an interesting option to purchase your dream home in Selangor but it definitely is not a good area to invest in as renting so far from town that defeats the purpose of renting in the first place.

University of Nottingham Campus in Semenyih

Semenyih is quite a well contained township despite its slightly remote location. The Store hypermarket is one of many amenities in the town and neighbouring Kajang provides an array of more amenities a short drive away. Possibly the coup de grace of Semenyih is the Malaysian campus of the University of Nottingham, one of only two international campuses of the internationally acclaimed UK-based university.

Currently, this university provides the only opportunity for investment in Semenyih as there are bound to be students looking for a place to stay on a rental basis. However, investment returns are generally low due to the location and the target tenant group. The most popular off-campus accommodation area is Taman Tasik Semenyih which is located conveniently adjacent to the University of Nottingham. Semenyih also has a tourist pulling power in the form of Broga Hill.

This picturesque clump of hiker-friendly hills attracts visitors day in day out be it for a good morning workout, a nature themed photography session, a sight at the beautiful sunrise and whatnot.

Overall, Semenyih is a mixed bag of a town. Its location is definitely the first thing people will notice that is not in its favour and the town itself may not be as advanced as the more central towns of the Klang Valley. However, Semenyih does offer some form of solitude in which some may thrive due to its few attractions that actually make it stand out as a small town as well as the property affordability and availability.

With new projects such as Pelangi Semenyih and established ones such as Bandar Sunway Semenyih still going strong, it definitely is a strong option to seek the perfect house for you if you can cast aside its logistical shortcomings.

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