Pests at Home

Our house is our home, our treasured piece of property that signifies how we have made it financially; the brick walls that keep us safe, the roof that keeps us dry and quite simply where we live and spend our quality time in. Our house is our pride and glory and no homeowner would want anything bad to happen to his or her house much like how one would care for a loved one. Apart from our house burning down our being robbed, one of the worst things that could happen to any house is a nightmare to most homeowners pests.

Pests can come in many varieties. They can be harmless to the house but a nuisance to its residents or they can even be destructive. Of course, pests can be gotten rid of very easily nowadays with the availability of many pest control firms but hiring the experts can be very costly at times. One way to reduce the pest control bills is to spot the foreign inhabitants of our home early. The question is how? Hint: The other way is to put MrProperty in charge of your home.

MrProperty will Chase Away Pests at your Home

Pests that are notably sizeable that scavenge our houses for food such as lizards and rodents are fairly easy to spot. Apart from seeing the real creature, these animals usually leave behind fairly visible droppings if they have been around for a considerable time. Sometimes it is also easy to identify these animals by the sense of hearing as rodents tend to squeak and lizards sometimes emit a clacking noise. In Malaysia however, lizards are usually considered a norm of every household rather than a pest but rodents should not be taken lightly as they may carry diseases which is a dangerous thought especially if there are children in the household. Of course, catching the culprits can be as easy as DIY with mousetraps available widely but for serious infestation cases, it is advisable to call the professionals.

Cockroaches are often the symbol of the typical house pest and can be quite a nuisance as well as a considerable scare to those afraid of them. Like rodents, cockroaches thrive in dirty places and as such may carry diseases. Although cockroaches may sometimes just stray into the house which is not exactly a big deal, it is important to differentiate a stray one from one that is part of a brood thriving within the walls of your house. Tell-tale signs include rumbling sounds in the hollow areas of the walls and ceilings as well as tiny droppings. There are many DIY cockroach repellents available for purchase but as usual, serious infestation cases should be left to the experts.

The most daunting of all pests are termites. These little insects may not be the scariest physically but they can literally bring the house down. Like cockroaches, a group of breeding termites in the house can be identified audibly by rumbling sounds in the walls of the house but further signs include specks or piles of dust in random areas of the house which are remnants of what the termites have eaten of your house; usually wooden frames. They may also target furniture and books and if ever you can tell for sure that some wooden features in your house are being reduced to sawdust, call the local pest control firm immediately as termites are as serious as it gets where house pests are involved.

Apart from ridding your house of pests, pest control firms can also keep your house pest free and if it is within your budget, it is certainly something to consider simply for the peace of mind that it guarantees. After all, a house really is a home and so much more. Do you want to risk it?

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