Medan Idaman, Setapak Alarm-ing Problem

For years, residents of Medan Idaman, Setapak, have been suffering silently when the security alarm in a developer’s office goes off every night.

The neighbourhood was established nine years ago and they have been suffering ever since. The alarm will trigger off in the night and will only be turned off the next day when the employees come in to work.

Wee Wai Lin, who lives near the developer’s office, has had to bear the brunt of it most of the time.

“Once, it rang over the weekend. We had to endure it until the workers came back on Monday morning,” she said.

Site of problem: The developer’s office in Medan Impian, Setapak, that has a faulty alarm system

Wee said she had tried to report the matter to the developer’s office but was treated rudely.

Later, she tried to contact the main office but was passed around to various departments and the employees said they could not do anything about it.

The most recent incident last week angered Wee because the alarm rang at night before her son’s exam in the morning.

She said when she called to complain, an employee refused to help and even said her attitude was bad.

Her neighbour, Ho Sau Man, believes the problem can be rectified if the management agrees to listen to the residents’ point of view.

“The alarm system is faulty and can be repaired easily. I believe there is nothing wrong in discussing the matter,” added Ho.

News Source:  The Star

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