Lot 285

Lot 285 @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang is located next to Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, fronting the highway and the back facing the sea. The design brief required retail spaces, supplement car parks for adjacent hotel and residential units.

With the different mixture of usages, our design approach is to provide clarity of space demarcation. Whilst still contiguous, the access to the 3 different usages can be isolated and dedicated.

Upon arrival, the retail lots eases in from the drop off foyer. The layout emphasises the presence of the sea beyond with its central “breezeway” and curvilinear wave form.

On the west side, the hotel operation can access 2 levels of the basement car park, which is connected through an elevator to the retail floors. The 1st floor link bridge provides connectivity with Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel.

The challenge with residential component is noise and activity of the busy highway and what respite can be achieved.

We propose to funnel the residential arrival to embrace the sea breeze. A dedicated eastern entrance with articulated stone cladding, leads to a cocooned drop off area fronting the sea. The ambience will be carefully treated to enable detachment from the “highway”. Through a secured lobby, transcending 4 floors of podium residents’ car park, is the 1st level of respite – the Pool Club. A horizon pool reflects the sky and merges with the sea. Interspersed with gardens and courtyards.

Up above the residential units are compact layout spaces with views of the sea enjoyed by all units on the north facade. On the south facade, the multi levels of respite are introduced in form of a “Green Retreat”. Similar to court yards of landed properties, this “Green Retreat” is made up of landscaped courtyards, alternating at 3 floors apart. As such no residents are more than 2 levels away from it.

Architecturally, this “Green Retreat” is amplified through expressive green vertical landscape. With the alternating locations at both horizontal and vertical axes the facade is juxtaposed by these walls of green, expressing a dynamic form.

Property Project: Lot 285 @ Tanjung Tokong
Location: Tanjung Tokong, Penang
Property Type: Mixed Development
Developer: Plenitude Bayu Sdn. Bhd.
Developer Website: http://www.plenitude.com.my


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