Landscaping Your Home

The most common thing for someone who has just purchased a house to do is to perform renovation on it. Unlike in most Western countries where people buy houses based on whether they like its original architecture and design, Malaysians house buyers are slightly different; buying houses based on the location and then reconstructing it to suit their personal preferences. While most of these renovations may be practical in nature, many new homeowners are now embracing the trend of landscaping which is to simply beautify the exterior of the house in more than just a practical or physical manner.

The most basic form of landscaping is the use of greenery to enhance to house’s external compound. Naturally, this involves an area laid with grass with a variety of plants adorning the area to create the impression of a beautiful home garden. While this seems like a simple and not-too-costly way to beautify your house, the sad truth is that the average Malaysian house is not blessed with plenty of external space; whereby our practical nature leads developers to prioritize most of the house’s build up space inside rather than out. Hence, if space is limited, landscaping should be as well. The lack of exterior space does not mean that it is impossible to have a beautiful garden to be proud of. When space is not in abundance, the most crucial aspect of landscaping is to refrain from overdoing.

With many landscape features widely available for purchase such as fountains, rock features, wooden decorations, exotic foliage and such, it is easy to get carried away, deciding on many things only to discover later on that you only have that much space to fit all of them in. Start small by deciding which area you want layered with grass, what sort of plants you want in your little garden and only after that do you assess the remaining space you have to decide whether to buy that beautiful garden bench you’ve been eyeing or to install that small water feature you find so mesmerizing.

Of course, landscaping can be done at its best when there is little to no restriction to space. When you have a very large external compound in your house, you have the freedom of creativity and the possibilities of landscaping are endless. With the right landscaping designer, it is almost impossible to come up with something that your eyes would not like. Hence, the only thing to be aware of when landscaping on a large scale is to consider feasibility and practicality over time.

Take for instance the construction of a pond in your garden. It is something that will definitely beautify your home immensely but with the constantly sunny and humid conditions of Malaysian weather, remember that algae and fungus can grow easily on the moist surfaces surrounding your pond. Make sure you have a plan to counter that possibility be it providing shade or being prepared to constantly cleaning it. Otherwise, you are going to have a mouldy eyesore in the future instead of a beautiful pond.

Overall, landscaping is something that can easily transform an ordinary house into a beautiful home but we must always remind ourselves that we do not want this aesthetic value to be temporary. When landscaping, we let our creative juices flow but it is always crucial to maintain a sense of practicality as well to ensure that the beauty of your home ages well. It is also good practice to take in mind the resale of your house, assessing whether your landscaping project will cause the price of your property to appreciate or whether it will be torn down by new owners should you sell it.

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