Kota Kemuning

As the Klang Valley expands and grows rapidly over time, many residential areas throughout the area follow suit. With many upscale housing development projects taking place across the Klang Valley over the past decade, one high-end residential area that stands out in the Klang Valley today is Kota Kemuning.

Strategically located in Shah Alam’s bordering region to Subang Jaya, Kota Kemuning is a fine example of high end living within the Klang Valley that is located considerably distant from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. However, being far from the city center does not mean that it is less accessible as Kota Kemuning’s location is also conveniently near the KESAS highway meaning that KL is only about a half an hour’s drive under ideal traffic conditions.

Zero-Lot Bungalow at Kota Kemuning

Kota Kemuning’s status as an upscale place to live is immediately reflected by its beautiful surroundings whereby massive bodies of water surround the little town and lush greenery line its roads. As a modern residential township, its natural beauty is definitely impressive to say the least. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Kota Kemuning is also well facilitated to the extent that it is almost a self-sufficient township. There are plenty of shops of all sorts, schools, clinics and even a nationally renowned 18-hole golf course among many more impressive facilities within the area as well as lots of businesses and industrial spots to ensure its versatility as a place for living, working and recreation. Residents are also ensured a peace of mind as the local police stations has policemen on patrol at all times around Kota Kemuning.

Indeed, Kota Kemuning seems to tick all the right boxes and really does portray the ideal location to live comfortably but obviously, all of this comes at a cost. Living in Kota Kemuning is not cheap by any means whereby a double-storey terrace house can easily cost up to half a million ringgit, often more. Semi-detached units cost many times more whereby prices are usually around the 2 million ringgit mark whereas bungalows start from RM3 million. Of course, good deals can be found with lots of property hunting and patience but these value approximations are the general rule to go by whenever housing in an upscale location like Kota Kemuning is being considered. Of course, cheaper options are apartments and townhouses but even though units start from around RM200,000 realistically, do not expect impressive built-up areas for the price.

Night View of Kota Kemuning Hills at Kota Kemuning Township

In comparison to some areas in PJ, Kota Kemuning is by no means the most expensive place to live in. In fact, with its growing popularity, it also has the potential for investment. However, new development in the area has already slowed down by a lot considering how it has already established itself as a self-contained township over the last decade.

Quite simply, Kota Kemuning offers a wide variety of residential options especially for those in the market for upscale property whereby its many attractions include beautiful natural surroundings, plenty of facilities and amenities as well as a very convenient location. Although not a conventional housing option in the Klang Valley as opposed to townships in PJ, it is definitely worth considering whenever in the market for a new house.

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