KL Ecocity

Over the past few years, many property developments in Malaysia are adopting eco-friendly themes as the whole world goes green. This is further backed by the fact that there is now a standard for green property in the form of the Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI) and it is no surprise that most new and upscale development projects are developed with this in mind with the hopes to convince the growingly concerned public. One such project that is currently under development and personifies the typical high end property developed with the environment in mind is KL Ecocity.

KL Eco City at Mid Valley City

KL Ecocity is a very large scale project located in Mid Valley where the buildup consists of four different ‘parcels’ or subdivided clumps of buildings categorized accordingly. If development goes exactly to plans over the coming years, parcel A will consist of 3 residential towers, parcel B will be made up of 4 corporate office towers, parcel C will be an array of office blocks with3 clusters of 4 boutique office blocks and one crowning landmark in the form of the Strata office tower and lastly, parcel D is where the mosque and multi-storey car park will be located.

Overall, the magnitude of the KL Ecocity project is certainly massive and it only makes sense that it takes place in an expansive and high profile location; just beside Mid Valley City, neighbouring one of the epitomes of high profile living quarters in the Klang Valley, Bangsar.

The result that this project is aiming for is basically a hub for high end residencies combined with a bustling business scene and to add to the fact that KL Ecocity is in prime location, accessibility to the area is also a very big plus point to this project.

At present, the site is already highly accessible via public transportation. The Abdullah Hukum LRT station for the Kelana Jaya line is just by the street and KL Sentral as well as the Mid Valley KTM Commuter Station are not too far away.  Moreover, future transportation projects are under development whereby a KTM commuter station is to be built where the Abdullah Hukum LRT station is to create an integrated hub while the recently proposed MRT project has identified a station within the area of KL Ecocity itself.

Therefore, public transport accessibility is definitely one of KL Ecocity’s biggest selling points apart from its other attractions. Highway accessibility is also good as the Federal Highway, New Pantai Expressway and KL-Seremban Highway all encompass the area.

The ‘green’ status that this project is portraying may not be immediately evident but what makes this project environmentally friendly is how everything is integrated into one central hub; residential buildings, commercial hotspots, transportation hubs and such. This is a good use of space and promotes efficiency in time and workforce.

KL Ecocity is definitely one of the most interesting property developments in the Klang Valley over the past few years and if executed properly, it will definitely be a success. As of time of writing, no property prices have been disclosed but considering the project’s location and development plans, investments are definitely recommended if the price is right.

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