City Development Expert – Retail Centres, Not Shopping Malls

Unique retail centres should be introduced in heritage buildings as a way to modernise them, according to a French expert who specialises in city and cultural development.

Penang Heritage Building in George Town

“I encourage small independent businesses that promote local culture and sell meaningful goods and services where a balanced blend of traditions and contemporary creati-vity is the key,” said Sali Sasaki.

In an e-mail to clarify her statement in StarMetro North on Aug 8 titled ‘Heritage appeal with a twist’, she said her idea of retail in George Town was an opposite model from that of shopping malls.

“Therefore, designers have an important role to play in this context to strengthen George Town’s identity as a cultural place as well as establishing the area as a strong asset within the country and the region,” she added.

News Source:The Star

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