Bandar Springhill

Port Dickson is a town known throughout the country as one of the top destinations for a seaside holiday.

Blessed with some of the nicest seafronts along the Straits of Melaka, Port Dickson is certainly famous for its beaches. And usually that is where it stops. Apart from the bustling activity on its many beaches, Port Dickson is generally a sleepy little township in the little modest state of Negri Sembilan.

Springhill Park Double Storey Terrace House

Other than its beaches, there are no big malls, fancy recreational areas and such to add to its list of attractions. However, being a Negri Sembilan township, it is sometimes considered a part of the greater Klang Valley; in other words, located within the proximity of an expanded Klang Valley radius.

This means that there is residential potential in Port Dickson.

It is actually very common for a portion of KL’s working population to reside in Negri Sembilan. After all, the distance between both places is only about an hour’s drive under ideal circumstances.

The plus point of living quite a distance away from the town center is evidently the cost of living. Houses are very cheap in Negri Sembilan as compared to in the Klang Valley where sizeable double-storey terrace houses are commonly priced below RM200,000; a price almost extinct for similar property around Selangor.

Commonly, those who choose to work in KL but live in Negri Sembilan choose Seremban as their residence of choice. Lately however, Port Dickson is rising in popularity as a place to stay especially with the rise of an expanding residential township; Bandar Springhill.
Bandar Springhill was launched back in 1997 and consists of a multitude of housing developments throughout the area.

Already well-populated, it is only expected to be fully developed 20 years from its launch and there is plenty of evidence of ongoing development in several areas of Bandar Springhill.

Springhill Heights Double Storey Bungalow

There are various housing areas such as Springhill Heights, Springhill Gardens and so forth throughout the area depending on the types of property within where the range is wide from sub RM200,000 terrace houses to bungalows that start from as low as RM300,000 to over a million ringgit.

Property in Bandar Springhill certainly is cheap but that is usually the case for houses located in a relatively undesirable area. Bandar Springhill certainly was never always built in a fancied location but the tides seem to be changing as further development takes place.

As more and more housing projects are completed, the population here expands. Bandar Springhill is now also home to a beautiful lake garden that caters to residents’ recreational needs. The biggest turning point that will turn Bandar Springhill’s status from a quiet housing area to a bustling township is the development carried out in the area under UCSI (University College Sedaya International).

The developments which include a university hospital, an international school and a five-star hotel which coincides with further upscale housing developments will definitely put Springhill’s mark on the map once completed.

Completion is predicted to be by the end of 2012 and should everything go to plan, Springhill is not only going to be an attractive residential option for those working in the Klang Valley as it will surely convince some to relocate their residence and livelihood there altogether.

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