Bandar Country Homes Residents Spruce Up Their Home

Residents of Bandar Country Homes in Rawang have launched a month-long campaign to spruce up and beautify their surroundings.

The campaign, which was mooted by the Triumphant Christian Centre, will have committee members promoting eco-friendly concepts, cleaning the area, planting trees, and recycling.

Selayang MP William Leong launched the campaign in Rawang on Thursday.

The campaign, which will end on Sept 25, is carried out with the help of the JKP Zone 17 Residents Committee, Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Bandar Country Homes residents and business owners.

During the campaign, there will be talks organised at schools and places of worship.

A recycling campaign will be held at the Bandar Country Homes market followed by aerobics and tree-planting at BCH Lake Garden on Sept 11, gotong-royong at Pusat Bandar Country Homes on Sept 18 and clearing of banners and stickers.

MPS councillor Gunarajah R. George said the campaign was aimed at inspiring the people of Bandar Country Homes to care and protect the environment.

“Our plan is to encourage individuals to bring about sustainable care for the environment.

“Since the launch of the campaign, we have recruited 298 volunteers and reached almost 1,000 residents,” he said.

Leong said if the campaign was successful it could be held in other townships in Selayang.

“Malaysians have to change their mindset and start throwing rubbish in designated bins,” he said.

“About 40% of MPS income goes to waste disposal and with better public cooperation this can be reduced.

“If the burden is reduced, MPS could use the extra money to channel to other areas like patching potholes, repairing fields and widening drains,” he said.

News Source: The Star

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