Arte S

Arte S located at Bukit Gambier, Penang is expected to be launched by the property developer Nusmetro City. The project has two residential towers of serviced apartments/ SOHO units.

The upcoming twin landmark will be located near the back of USM Penang along Jalan Bukit Gambier. Please refer to the map attached below.

Touted to be the tallest tower on the island, the 49 storeys western tower at the height of 170m closer to the mountain offers spectacular ocean views from the upper levels of its eastern elevation whilst the Western façade looks onto the jungle covered mountain. The tower incorporates a sky garden at level 35 housing two pebble inspired recreational pods as shown in the artist impression.

Meanwhile, the lower tower at the height of 110m on the east climbing up to 27 storeys showcases a lushly planted tower garden at podium level facades.

The project is currently under review by local authority and expected to be launched soon once approved.

Property Project: Arte S
Location: Bukit Gambier, Penang
Property Type: Serviced Apartments/ SOHO
No. of Blocks: 2
No. of Storey: 27 Storey (Block A), 49 Storey (Block B)
Total Units: Block A -76 SOHO units, 75 Serviced Apartments | Block B – 250 SOHO units
Developer: Nusmetro City
Developer Website:
Developer Contact: 604-283 9889

Floor Plan




Location Map

Google Map

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  • Condotakada

    Not worth buying. Location is lousy. Land area is only 2.5 acres and they are building up to 400 units on it. Access road is bad. Expensive for that area RM600 over /sft onwards. Just buy tg tokong area with that price.

    • zonefinder

      Granted Tg Tokong is a more desirable location and the current prices reflect this reality however with the completion of the 2nd bridge in Q4 and rise of Penang as an investment hotspot, infrastructural developments will be centred in the area between the 2 bridges. Reason being scarcity of land in Georgetown and up North areas. We should not be caught in a time warp because things are changing and changing fast in Penang. For property investors, high potential areas are better bets vs areas which are already established/hot. Design is also important as current investors are getting younger as well as those coming from overseas.

  • PriceSiaoSiao

    I also think jalan bukit gambier is very jam now compared to last time. The traffic and grow at least 3-4x in last 2-3 years with so many condos coming up along it. In another 2-3 years the jam will be so so bad and there is hardly any space for expansion.

    This project is priced at future price. It’s not a good choice for investment.

  • Condotakada

    very true. The land is very small and they are building such a high density. Surprising the housing area within that are never ‘bising’ about this skyscraper. So far all the noise about hillside development concentrates around tg bungah area only. The design for this project also very confusing. So many curves, 2 bola on the 30th smth floor…..not even sure whether it will collapse or not. Swimming pool looks very weird, flowing down in steps, not sure whether kids will fall down or not. Bottom floor all commercials open to public. Not worth investing. Not to mention that the layout sucks. So many curves hard to place furniture.

    • Picaso

      This is an art as the name implied. Meant for artistic personal. :D

  • PenangCondo

    With this super modern design, the price might actually worth it. New generation likes this kind of thing. Could be selling like a hot cake when launched. :)

    • Condotakada

      but the location is bad and the land area is so small. Plus the design is not final yet because they haven’t receive the approval yet and it is not cheap for that area. For that price can buy landed. 2.5 acres land only with 400 over units.

    • 510

      yes, i agreed

  • Great Project

    More upcoming projects near this place within the radius of 100M. This place is set to boom big time if everything goes well.

    • Richard

      Doubt can boom. Priced at RM700/sft for that area. I dont think it can go higher. This is not Tg Tokong or Gurney Drive.

  • Lee

    Starhill at the back seems to be selling at cheaper price. That give some pricing
    pressure for Arte S and hopefully Nusmetro realised that and will give
    some discount out soon.

  • Unknown

    A lot of competitor here gave a wrong information to misleading ppl…. Especially condotakada….lol

    • mindyou

      What’s the latest info? Mind to share? Don’t just shoot ppl la, please share also.

      • Condotakada

        Hi unknown, which point did i mention that is misleading to people?

  • Wong

    Starhill behind target launching prices is 650
    Nadayu target launching is 900
    Raffles Tower 900 already?

  • unimagine

    Dear all, will the 32nd floor view be blocked by University Place? Interested in seaview unit

  • 510

    worth to buy for own stay and invest too, design is very individual which is depend on your taste and style, this design is unique and futuristic, layout shape are curve and if you are design well to fit the original layout, is not a big deal! land are small but as long as all the facilities are well manage and built in stable, these is acceptable, that is exactly ARTE+ in jalan ampang which is more advance design and technology they used and invest.
    Price are cheap for those medium high level family, all is depend whether suit or not suit you to invest or stay. Now, 2 bedroom in 750 sq ft only below 600k, if you get 90% loan, your monthly loan are around rm2000.

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